Nanny Cat


“Smart ones hate being alone all the time. And sometimes another animal, it just–just soothes them a bit.”

-from the movie Seabiscuit

When I first got Lu I was told that she may have some separation anxiety. She was a 1 year old stray and was only in care for a short while before I adopted her so not a whole lot of information was known at this point. I did my research so I knew the possibility was there.
Well a week into being with me it had reached its peek when she ate the couch arm. My first clue should of been when she started to take the couch cushions off and progressed to chewing a hole in one.
Anyways I got her a wire crate… A nice little “den” for her to feel safe in. I tried everything to make her enjoy her time in it. She hated it! 9 months later it got to the point that when it was time to go in it she would shake.
At this time the cat (Miss kitty) was left to roam the house when Lu was in her”den”. Miss kitty and her were pretty good friends by now and it broke my heart to put this poor shaking dog into this place she obviously did not like. Up to this point I had tried leaving her out a few times and the cat was always separated from her in another room. The results were the same. So one day I decided I would chance Luna staying out with the cat.
Somehow that cat kept her calm. No more destruction.
As I watch them interact now you can see that there is a respect between them. Ok that’s not exactly true. There is an understanding between them….. The cat is in charge!


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