Farm Dog

I live in the country. The closest town has 2 gas stations, a school, a general store, fire hall and a burger/pizza place. Oh and three places you can buy liquor. Population 100.
Most people I know around here are farmers and have farm dogs. I am a bit of an anomaly to them. They see me walking my dog, on a leash, down a gravel road and they can’t figure it out.
They would often stop and offer their advice:

“Hey!” They’d say.

“Hey!” I’d reply.

“You should just let that dog go. ”

“No that’s not something I’m gonna do”.

” Well, how come? If yah did you wouldn’t have to walk it all the time. ”

This is the part they couldn’t understand. I like walking with my dog. I enjoy that 45-60 minute walk we take everyday. I laugh, I talk with her, we do some training and I know she enjoys our time together. She’s not a “farm” dog she is my companion.

I tried to explain this a few times. When that didn’t work I also explained that she could not be off leash as her nose gets the better of her and she takes off. That made no sense to them cause a dog that takes off is no good to them. I finally settled with telling them:

“She’s not a lab yah no. ”

For some reason, this statement seemed to make sense to them.

People of course stop to chat still but they no longer tell me “to let her go”. And I am sure that when they refer to me they say ” you know? That girl that walks her dog everyday down the road”.



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