It’s All About Lu

Deciding if she wants to get out of the truck.

Most people tell me that my dog is spoiled. And everytime they say this to me I go through a mental checklist of what I think spoiling a dog means and check to see if that is me. My response if usually “I don’t think she’s spoiled but rather well looked after.” Maybe I’m in denial? But just to make sure I’ll share what Lu’s life is like living with me.

Lu sleeps at night with me on my king size bed. She does have a bed of her own in the living room which she doesn’t use that often as she likes to relax on the couch. She is however very respectful of both these areas and if I or a guest is sitting/laying here she waits to be invited.

She eats high quality dog food. She also enjoys cheese and real cooked bacon occasionally for treats. But usually only for training purposes. Her food is measured and she “works” for both meals. She has a tricky treat ball which I now call “the breakfast ball” and she gets half her food in the morning in this ball before I go to work. The other half she gets after her walk/training session in the evening.

I walk her 45-60 minutes on weekdays and more on weekends.

Ok this one might be borderline spoiled but I don’t see it that way. Lu has a treadmill. It is hers. Bought especially for her. I don’t use it. Winter here can be bad. -25 C to -35C. She doesn’t like the cold so she gets on the treadmill (which she loves) and does 60 minutes at a speed of 3.0. She does have a coat and boots for when we can go out but she doesn’t care much for the cold.

She does have more than two collars, and an assortment of toys.

So that is her “stuff”. But maybe the spoiling is about me and what I do.

If I could take her everywhere with me I would. It is very rare (aside from going to work) that she is not with me. I plan activities that will include her coming with me. If i am invited to supper at someone’s place it is usually an outside event or I ask if Lu can come. If she can’t, I may go but not for too long.

There is only two people I trust to dog sit her. One is my daughter and more recently her husband. If I can’t get them to dog sit for me, I don’t go.

I make sure I get home after work as soon as possible. I was asked to go for supper after work with my colleagues and my new supervisor. I said I couldn’t because my dog was waiting for me. My supervisor didn’t even give me a strange look when I said this. He just said “I understand I have dogs too. We will do lunch instead. ”

So you get the idea anyways. I am sure as my blog goes on you may see that I am in denial and Lu is in fact spoiled. But to me she is not spoiled…. She is loved.


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