Miss Nosy Rosy

One of the exercises that I was given to do with Luna involved sit/stay while I answer the door.  It starts out with first knocking on the door and returning to click/treat. It then progresses to going to the door and saying “Hi” to an imaginary person, return click/treat.  Lu has done very well with this. It becomes a challenge when I go and say “Hi” and then have to have a conversation with this invisible person.  This she can’t handle.

 At first Luna could not contain herself.  As soon as I started talking she would run to the door to see who it was. Now when I return to the place where she is doing her sit/stay she is never sitting although she is staying (kinda)….while she is peeking around the corner. It is actually very funny.

Because I live in the country Luna knows that usually the people that come to the house are people she knows.  These people love to say hi to her and pet her and she gets to wiggle her little butt.  She thinks she is missing out on this when I am talking to myself at the front door while she is not  sitting and staying.  When I do finally release her from the exercise the first thing she does is run to the door to see who she has missed seeing.

I believe  this exercise is to help her have more self control self.  This will hopefully help with her reaction to when she sees another dog. Personally I would rather Luna be able to see who is at the door and at the same time, hold her sit/stay.  But I also know that there are steps that need to be accomplished before you get an end result.  

So tonight my imaginary friend will come over again and we will have a conversation while Miss Nosy Rosy tries to hold her sit/stay. 




2 thoughts on “Miss Nosy Rosy

  1. ohmelvin.com says:

    These are the moments people talk about, how dogs love unconditionally….even when their human’s have imaginary friends!

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