Luna In The Lead

Lu is not an off leash dog because when her nose gets going her ears shut down. ( I suspect this is why she was picked up as a stray and placed in a shelter.)
Sometimes, like tonight, I put on her long lead and let her get her sniff on. I just follow her around, wherever her nose leads her, and let her sniff and pounce and wag her tail.

I dream that maybe one day I will try her again off leash. Tonight she made me believe that it may be possible. But then I remember when we have done this before and she has picked up the scent of a deer and then she’s like a train. I also remind my self of the two times I tried her off leash….she was gone into the bush for 45 minutes. The first time I called and called for her to come back. The second time I knew that if I just waited where she last saw me she would return to me. And of course she did. But the whole time she was gone I was thinking….what if she doesn’t come back this time. I love her too much to lose her.



One thought on “Luna In The Lead

  1. OhMelvin says:

    I am with you! Off leash sounds great in theory but it can go wrong so fast.

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