Luna Unleashed

I have decided to let Lu tell you all about our visit to my parents house this weekend…..

I had an awesome time visiting my grandparents this weekend! They have a really big yard with a fence and grandpa loves me soooo much that when I come he puts up a fence and gate at the front so I can run around and chase squirrels as much as I want without a leash on! I know cool eh? And grandpa helps me hunt for mice. If one runs under a piece of wood, grandpa lifts the wood up so I can take a good sniff around to make sure the mouse is gone. Oh and when we got there Saturday morning, grandma was cooking something and bacon! I know bacon smell! But then grandma said she had a treat for me and you know what it was? My own bacon! Grandma cooked some just for me and cut it up into pieces and put it into a baggy so mum could give me some when we went outside! But first grandma gave me some. And I sat really nice for her cause I know she likes that and she gave me bacon! Then she said that was enough for now.


I like grandma and grandpa cause they go outside in the yard a lot. We stay out there all day. And I get to run around as much as I want. Then we all go for walks and I get to sniff and pee on new things. I have to have my leash on but my mum uses the one that is super long so I get to scout ahead to make sure all is good. And when mum stopped and said “here”, I ran back right away! And grandpa said “wow that was really good”. I like showing grandpa how good I am so he will still help me hunt mice in the yard.

When I chase squirrels in the yard mum usually follows me cause she thinks I’m going to climb the fence. I only did that once! And grandpa always tells her that I’ll be ok just let me chase the squirrels. So this time mum didn’t follow me all around the yard. But I kinda slipped when I climbed up on a tall stack of wood and made lots of noise. I thought “uh oh mum is gonna be following me around now” but it was grandpa that came to get me down and when I saw it was him I went to him right away and followed him back to where mum was sitting. Grandpa said I was fine so mum didn’t follow me around. I love my grandpa!


At supper time, I know I am suppose to go lie on my bed while people are eating but I figured if I lay under the table this time and not bother people while they eat that would be ok. I made sure to put my head on grandmas foot just so she remembered I was here. And then you know what grandma did? She gave me some ham! But then mum said to grandma ” don’t feed her from the table” and grandma said” oh well she was laying so nice and leaning on my foot that I forgot”. Then I heard mum and grandma laugh so I knew grandma didn’t get in trouble. So I just kept laying there and when everyone got up to put their dishes away. Grandma gave me more ham! I love grandma!


I like visiting my grandparents. I know they love me lots! I can’t wait to go again!



One thought on “Luna Unleashed

  1. Good girl little Lu to come back as soon as Mum said, “Here!” I would give you bacon and ham, too!

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