Sitting With Success!

While walking down our gravel road today, a car approached from behind and started to slow down. This usually indicates to me that someone knows me (or thinks they do lol) and would like to chat.

When I turn to see who it is, I notice a big black pit bull staring at Lu. I know this guy and his dog, so does Lu. When Lu came to live with me and we started walking down this road, this man stopped to tell me how beautiful Luna was and ask if I wanted to breed her with his Pit Bull. (Ugh!) I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation as I am sure you know how that went. Anyways…the next time I saw him, he stopped and let his dog out to visit with Lu. This was before the incident so no problem with the meet and greet for Lu.

This is the first time in probably two years Lu has seen this dog. Lu sat when I asked her to, minimal whining, and she took a treat from me while I stood talking to him and she sat looking at the dog. That’s is a first! (As you know from previous posts, Lu will sit and look at a dog but she never takes a treat till after we are in our way again)

Now there are a lot if factors in our success today. 1) Lu knows that car means sit. 2) Lu knows when I’m talking to someone that means sit 3) Lu knows (now) when we see a dog that means sit. So what to do when there is a dog in a car and I’m talking….well sit of course. Lol

I think some of the success also has to do with the fact that Lu has met this dog before and she never seems to forget a dog she has already met no matter how much time passes. If they got along when they met the first time …there is never an issue meeting again. He is also a very calm dog.

So I’m going to say, even though she met this dog before, Lu succeeded in seeing another dog and acting appropriately. I mean WOW she took a treat while looking at a dog!



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