Wordless Wednesday




20131110-091807.jpgI have been sick the last 4 days. Still am I suppose but I am on the mend after going to see the doctor. Turns out I have strep throat.

I feel bad for Lu. As much as she likes the treadmill, I know she loves her walks. So do I. But I just haven’t had enough energy to go. Yesterday I did get her all dressed up in her boots and coat so we could wander around a little farther from the house. We didn’t stay out long.

Today it is -22 Celsius. We won’t be out wandering today.

In other news…. Lu has chosen to sleep on ‘The Chair’ the last three nights. Not only is the chair facing the window but there is a heater by it. I can’t really blame her for wanting to sleep there instead. My room is cold. I don’t mind it but obviously she does. I promised to cover her up in her blanket but she wouldn’t leave ‘The Chair’. I confess I do miss her laying beside me on the bed. She always has some part of her touching me even if it is a paw in my face.


This is “The Chair”. There is nothing really special about this piece of furniture but when placed in just the right spot….it is where Lu will always chooses to lounge. The right spot is facing the window.  Any piece furniture facing the window is the best place in the world according to Lu. From this spot she can keep an eye on all the happenings that might occur on the road or in the yard.  

20131103-081415.jpgNanny Cat also loves this chair. I often laugh when Nanny decides she wants to sit in The Chair when Lu has already claimed it. Usually when Nanny wants to lay somewhere she either makes Lu share or move. When it comes to The Chair, Lu has to really think about giving it up when Nanny jumps up and wants it for herself. (I think she just does this to see what Lu will do.)



The Chair