20131110-091807.jpgI have been sick the last 4 days. Still am I suppose but I am on the mend after going to see the doctor. Turns out I have strep throat.

I feel bad for Lu. As much as she likes the treadmill, I know she loves her walks. So do I. But I just haven’t had enough energy to go. Yesterday I did get her all dressed up in her boots and coat so we could wander around a little farther from the house. We didn’t stay out long.

Today it is -22 Celsius. We won’t be out wandering today.

In other news…. Lu has chosen to sleep on ‘The Chair’ the last three nights. Not only is the chair facing the window but there is a heater by it. I can’t really blame her for wanting to sleep there instead. My room is cold. I don’t mind it but obviously she does. I promised to cover her up in her blanket but she wouldn’t leave ‘The Chair’. I confess I do miss her laying beside me on the bed. She always has some part of her touching me even if it is a paw in my face.


6 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. Sorry you’re sick 😦 Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh strep is the worst. Hang in there and feel better soon! 😦

  3. OhMelvin says:

    Hope you are better soon!!! I feel guilty when I am down for the count with a migraine but in all honesty, the boys seem to love the extra snuggle time with me and I’m sure they know walks will come back! Take care of yourself!

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