What’s in Your Couch?

Luna really enjoys when we go to visit my daughter and grandson. Mostly she enjoys this because there is always something to eat on the floor or hidden in a corner. Little kids tend to drop food so from the moment Luna and I arrive in the house she is off sniffing these forgotten treasures out of their hiding spots. She tends to be quite focused when trying to locate something.


She started out by sitting beside my daughter and then….well the picture tells the story. She did find a few forgotten Cheerios between the cushions and then had to be pulled out because she was basically pushing my daughter off the couch. We all had a really good laugh about it.

When we returned home today, Luna was again very tired. She went to the chair and laid down. She was joined shortly after by Nanny Cat who licked her a few times and then proceeded to cuddle.


I think they really do miss each other when they are apart.


3 thoughts on “What’s in Your Couch?

  1. Awww! The cuddling is adorable.
    Pierre often digs between the cushions but never finds anything good. I bet he wishes there were little ones afoot!

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