Luna Is Losing Her Mind

You know how some dogs are afraid of thunder? Well not my Lu. Your know how some dogs are afraid of fireworks? Not my Lu.

I’ve always been impressed by the fact that Luna has no real fears aside from dogs. But today… A bizarre one has cropped up.

I have a metal roof on my house. It’s great because the snow slides right off in the winter if the weather is warm enough. I am careful though on these warm days not to let Luna out alone in case it does slide. There can be a build up of ice under that snow and it is heavy.

Just now while sitting in the living room the snow decides to slide off. Well holy crap is Lu ever freaking out!

20131215-120417.jpgI have never seen her like this! And I’m really unsure why she is doing this. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened in the 3 years she has lived here. Why now? Do I comfort? Do I ignore? Do I wait for her to stop crying then comfort ? What do I do? She is really distressed.

A few minutes later….I have encouraged her to come out of her hiding spot and now she is on the couch laying on me. She keeps glancing up at the ceiling with wide eyes. I am giving her a massage in hopes that she will relax.

While we are sitting here, the snow on the roof has slid off once more and she has left her comforting massage to go hide in the corner and cry again. I need some help. Do they have a mental health hotline for doggies?

20131215-122321.jpgMy poor Lu.


5 thoughts on “Luna Is Losing Her Mind

  1. Oh poor Lu!
    THAT would be a great service if it doesn’t exist! A doggie hotline…just like a nurse hotline for humans.

  2. OhMelvin says:

    Poor Lu!! Melvin is not afraid of any noises, Jake is skittish about random stuff. I usually let him know i’m here with a few reassuring snuggles. I also try to take his mind off whatever it is and also make it a positive. If it’s outside noise, I put the TV on and then give him a Kong. If it’s something that’s just fallen in the house, I might throw some treats around the fallen object.

    • alwayslu says:

      Oh good idea. Next time I will try and distract her with a fun game or treat. She was being a Velcro dog for some time afterwards. I just find it so bizarre that she is acting like this.

  3. Our Pearl is afraid of certain noises – if she hears thunder, fireworks or kids playing football outside, she scuttles to her ‘den’ in the bedroom. I tend to ignore this as comforting her might give the impression that she’s right to be afraid, that there really is something to fear. I put on the radio or TV to mask the noise, and if the problem is really bad I spray the room with pheremone spray which helps take the edge off her fear.

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