It’s Good To Be Home.

We travelled to the city for Christmas again this year. We had a great time as usual and my grandson, who is two, was so exciited for santa to come.


Does that Santa fella come down this chimney? He’s not going to get by me!


When we left we had to go out to where my parents live to check on their house while they are away enjoying the warmer weather someplace other than Canada. My mother was so proud of the fact that my father had built a gate so I wouldnt have to climb the fence in order to get in the yard….. instead I had to climb the gate.

I thought maybe we would stay the night but there was no way to get Luna into the yard without having to dig. And after climbing 2 fences to check on things and walking in knee high snow there was no way I was going to dig. I did make sure to call my parents and tell them of my adventure and of course send pictures.

I have no pictures of the snow storm I drove through to get home but lets just say I probably should of dug a way into the yard and stayed for the night. We did make it home safely and, of course, the first thing Luna did when we got home was to go roll around on the bed and then go to sleep.



Trying to sleep here…stop taking pictures!


2 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Home.

  1. OhMelvin says:

    Love, love, love that they built the gate and that you had to climb it!!! Hahahahahha! Glad you had a happy, safe trip!

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