She Loves Me Too

I’ve been having some difficult days lately. Been really low. Depressed. Stressed. After having a really really bad day yesterday….this morning I broke. I woke up sobbing and couldn’t stop no matter how much I wanted to.

When I finally managed to get out of bed to call a friend, Lu followed me. Lu never gets out of bed in the morning on a weekday. Usually I have to bribe her with a treat so she will get up and go out to pee before I go to work. Not today though she was hot on my heals.

While I sat on the couch talking to my friend she brought me her ball….put it in my lap…and then….she went back to bed. I know she knew I was not doing so good so she brought me the thing which makes her very happy. Her squeaky ball. Guess she figured it would make me happy too.

When I climbed into bed tonight, after surviving my day, there were 3 squeaky balls in it.

I love Lu and she loves me.