Big changes. 

 Lu has a new window. I have a new house. It’s been a difficult transition for both of us to go from acreage to living in a hamlet. There are people here. There are dogs here. And there are A LOT  of cats here. 

Most people I notice walk their dogs by opening their front door and letting them run free. This is annoying but a good training opportunity. Lu freaks out when she sees these dogs run by and really freaks out when she sees them pee on her property. Lol However, Lu has met a few dogs while she is out back on her cable (fencing is definitely on my list of home improvement). She has greeted and even played with these unsupervised dogs. 

I have had to retrain Lu in a few areas since moving here:

Car drives by – no longer need to be alerted to this since we are in town. Lots of cars drive by. 


People within eye shot of house – nope don’t need to know that either. Only if they come to the door or  are actually on the property. 

Mastered ✅

Cats and dogs – didn’t need to know about it before don’t really need to know about it now.

 Work in progress. 

  It’s a good move. It’s what Lu and I both needed. We get ample opportunities to work on her issues ( and mine) and I don’t need to go looking for dogs to practise with. They are literally right outside my door. 


2 thoughts on “Big changes. 

  1. You’ve done so well with your training of Lu! Dogs around here are allowed to roam free as well, but I have to keep Millie and Pearl behind a fence as they are hunting dogs and would eat everyone’s cats, rabbits and chickens!

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