Lu’s Window

  As you may recall our move provided Luna with a big beautiful window to look out of. She really likes it. Unfortunately those free walking dogs caused some problems for Luna and her beloved window. 

When these dogs or cats would go by….Luna would freak out….barking and spitting all over this window. The window was cleaned daily which I didn’t really mind. But the ledge took a beating from her nails and her craziness. There were deep scratch marks all along the ledge. So I came up with a temporary solution while I worked on her not reacting so extreme to these animals….. 

Not overly attractive, it still did the job. Lu has made very good progress while I’m at home to tone down her reaction. She’s done so well that I figured I would take the gates out of the window and see if she would stay off the ledge. It went well for the first free walker that went by. But by the second she was back in full crazy mode. I realize now that although progress is good she may need this area blocked permanently  to remind her that her reaction must remain low on the crazy scale. However, I just couldn’t live with these baby gates in the window. So I found a solution that works and actually looks good.  

Now we both can enjoy the window.