Adoption – part 2

When I got the call from the SCARS I was very nervous. I answered all their questions and they said that the foster mom would call to set up a time so I could meet Lu if I was approved. I got that call the next day.
We talked about Lu and myself for some time. And then she broke the news that someone had already come to see her and they went home to decide if this was the right dog for them. The foster mom told me that she hoped they would pass as she felt , after talking to me,that Luna should be my dog. But since they had first choice we had to wait. She said she would know later that evening and would call and let me know either way.
And so I waited…. She called that night to tell me that they had passed and I could come meet her.
I made arrangements with a friend of mine to come with me and drive (2 hours) just in case Luna didn’t travel well. (Guess I already figured I was taking her home)
We arrived at the foster mom’s boarding kennel and went in. We were greeted by Luna who growled at us once and went to stand by a closed door.
My friend said “is that the dog you want?”
” Yah isn’t she great?” I replied with a big grin on my face.
” You’re nuts!” He said.
Foster mom was in the back and to me Lu was just saying ” you need to wait right there till you are approved to come in. One moment please. ” when foster mom did come in Lu was just fine with us. She went about her business, trying to steal other dog’s tennis balls from their kennels and attempting to take beef bones that were for sale out of the bins. I think I was hooked from that first growl. I loved this dog. She was so goofy! We watched her play with her stolen tennis ball and ten minutes later I asked ” where do I sign”. “Don’t you want to spend more time with her”? her FM asked. “Nope. I already know that she is the dog for me”. I signed the papers, paid my fee and she was mine.
It is true that when you meet the right dog for you, you will know it.



2 thoughts on “Adoption – part 2

  1. Well done for taking on a pit bull! They only have a bad reputation because of a small minority of bad owners who train them to fight.
    Millie’s adoption story is similar to Luna’s – I’d just lost my last dog, was experimenting with a dog-free home, and the experiment wasn’t working. When I saw Millie on the Greyhound Rescue site I knew she was for me!
    Thank you for following me and Millie 🙂

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