Luna – The adoption story (part 1)


When I first saw Luna, three years ago,she was on a rescue dog site. (SCARS) My daughter’s dog, Peka, had just passed away 3 months earlier and I thought was enjoying a dog free house.
The truth was, I was laying on the couch flicking back and forth between the two channels I had and trying to get the cat to play fetch with me. She of course looked at me like I was nuts.( I think she was also missing the dog as they had been good friends. )
I then decided I would look at the SCARS web site just to see what kind of dogs were available. Not that I was going to get another dog but just to look. And there she was. It was her eyes that captivated me.
I quickly sent the picture to my daughter who had moved out some 3 years earlier and asked what she thought. And her reply was ” we were all wondering when you were going to get another dog. You are a dog person mum. You should get this dog. ”
And then there was my other concern… She was a pitbull cross of some sort. I had researched the breed and knew what I was getting into but I had to make sure that my daughter and my best friend (both live in the city and I visit often) would be ok with this.
Of course my daughter just laughed and said that it really didn’t bother her and her cats would just have to be put in their room until we could see what she was like with them. My friend (also a cat person) said he had no problem with it.
So I clicked the button that said I was interested and waited for the call….. (To be continued)


2 thoughts on “Luna – The adoption story (part 1)

  1. Thanks for finding & following my blog.
    Your Luna is adorable!
    Congrats on your Pit bull. I have a small dog because of rental rules, but Pitties have my heart. 🙂
    Nice to connect with you!

    • alwayslu says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Your Pierre is very cute. I was very happy to read that one of his friends is a Pit Bull. I look forward to reading your future posts. 😊

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