A New Friend For Lu


This is Timber and Lu. Timber is a rescue dog that my daughter adopted from the same rescue that I got Lu from.

Although I have worked endlessly to get Lu to at least look at another dog without going crazy she has not quite mastered this. So when my daughter told me she would be adopting a dog my first response was how wonderful for her and her family to open their home and hearts to a rescue…my second thought was ‘I sure hope this dog will be tolerant to Lu’s way of greeting’. I didn’t need to worry.

Timber has some sort of magic spell that he cast upon Luna (maybe it’s his eyes) cause the moment they met she has been drooling all over him…literally. She loves Timber.


I admit I was a little jealous as he is a great off leash dog. Excellent recall. There is no way Lu will ever be able to be off leash unless the world becomes void of any moving creature. But that’s ok. I have always accepted that about Lu.

Timber seems to have a more serious personality. Totally pack orientated. He loves attention and seeks it out all the time. He is perfect for my daughter’s family.


But for me….Lu is the perfect dog cause I get this…..


…..endless laughter. I love my goofy dog and I am so happy she has a new friend.